If you missed the ambiance of indoor dining, the unlimited bread, and the luxury of going out for a night in the town, you are in luck! With Governor Newsome’s order, indoor dining is once again fair game. Get dressed, pick your favorite local hub, and enjoy a nice meal inside a place other than your home. 

Anaheim is a beautiful town with so much to offer. From authentic Mexican tacos to Chinese dishes and Italian pastas, your taste buds will be happy. Support local restaurants by dining in, dining out, or purchasing gift cards. Here are three of our favorite local restaurants to support during COVID-19.

For Our Seafood Lovers

If you have never eaten at Crab Bite, you are missing out. Known for their seafood platter, this eatery offers all sorts of buttery goodness. From king crab legs to oysters and lobster tails, you are in for a treat. To top it off, every item is served with their secret sauce. Yum! 

The restaurant also offers crispy cajun and garlic wings, garlic mash potatoes, garlic noodles, and fried rice. On cooler days, warm yourself up with their housemaid chowder. Whether you want takeout or a dining experience, put this restaurant on the top of your must-try list. 

For Our BBQ Lovers 

Known for their large portions and low prices, WOW BBQ is the perfect place for a large family or a college student on a budget. But don’t let their prices fool you: Their food is divine.

Their dishes are classic BBQ with an Asian twist. You will find teriyaki rice bowls and spicy chicken and pork skewers with an option of rice and macaroni salad on the side. The best part is that you can order your food online: Simply select the items you want to purchase, choose your payment information, and submit! 

For Our Noodle Lovers

If you like an assortment of ramen dishes, Ramen Hajime is the place for you. The restaurant offers Tonkotsu ramen, ultra spicy ramen, honey miso ramen, green ramen (for our veggie lovers and vegetarians), and more. There are also a variety of rice bowls to choose from as well as tasty appetizers, such as Japanese gyoza, shrimp tempura, and braised pork belly. 

According to Thelma L. on Yelp, Ramen Hajime has perfect service and perfect food. “This place is phenomenal! Can’t ask for better ramen. Everything is good and cooked to perfection,” she writes. Don’t forget to visit this local eatery the next time you are out and about, and follow in Thelma’s footsteps and write a review! Leaving reviews is one of the best ways to support local restaurants. 

Indoor dining is once again here! Support local restaurants and visit one of the three eateries we mention above. As always, practice all social distancing and CDC guidelines and don’t go out if you are experiencing flu- or cold-like symptoms. Happy eating! 

Photo credit: Crab Bite