The colder months are finally winding down, and there’s a newness in the air. Spring is finally here! Here are seven reasons to absolutely love this season:

1. More Sunshine

Because of the Earth’s position relative to the sun, spring brings more light to the northern hemisphere during the day than in the winter. More sunlight is linked to added happiness, so expect a little boost in your mood.

2. New Goals

New Year’s is often associated with goal-setting. However, if you’re feeling guilty about unmet milestones, spring is a new beginning. Set new goals, and be motivated by the change around you. If spring can come back after winter, you can change for the better too!

3. More Warmth

The added warmth of spring is invigorating. Warmer temperatures are linked to improved moods and even added creativity!

4. New Sounds

Are you suddenly waking up to birds chirping each morning? This music is known as the “Dawn Chorus.” While the birds serenade us throughout many other seasons, it’s at its best and brightest during the spring. Enjoy this telltale sign that spring is already on its way!

5. More Celebrations

Spring brings some holiday favorites like Easter and Mother’s Day. Enjoy your traditions, whatever they may be. And if you’re looking for more things to celebrate, there are plenty of other fun “holidays” in between. Check out this list to help make every day of spring a celebration!

6. New Scents

There is a beautifully distinct scent in the air during springtime, thanks to all of the new plants and blossoms around you. Its sweet aroma is absolutely energizing, so take advantage of this season. Open your windows to let some fresh air and scents in!

7. New Fresh Recipes

Spring brings a new batch of fresh foods to your table. Here is a list of some of the most common in-season fruits and vegetables that spring will bring to your market (and table). Consuming more produce not only boosts your physical health but your mental health as well. Here are some guilt-free fresh recipes to help you enjoy all of these benefits!

There are plenty of reasons to love spring! Soak it in, in all of its various forms. Once you do, you’ll likely associate these new enjoyable memories with spring for years to come!